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Bringing People Together

I believe that planning an event should be fun, exciting and stress-free. With years of experience and an everlasting passion for what I do, rest assured you will get the event you were dreaming of. All I need from you is to describe exactly what you wish for. And, on my end? I'll make sure to tailor a magnificent party that will exceed your expectations.

There's nothing I love more than seeing the look on my clients' faces after they arrive at the venue, because I know the job was well done. Will you be my next client? Contact me today to start planning a unique party that is truly yours.

Reviews: The Story

I am genuinely at a loss for words when attempting to convey the depth of my satisfaction with the extraordinary services provided by L & S Elegant Weddings & Occasion Designers. My wedding experience went far beyond my expectations and left me in awe. I find myself consistently drawn to my photos and videos, relishing in cherished memories, often doing so multiple times a day. Even though my vow renewal wedding was planned on relatively short notice, I was remarkably stress-free. This sense of calm was made possible by the impeccable care and attention extended by Sharon K. Edwards and her exceptional team.

For anyone seeking a wedding planner or host, I wholeheartedly endorse reaching out to Sharon K. Edwards. Furthermore, their remarkable photography and videography services are also on offer. It's undeniable that Sharon K. Edwards is a true luminary in the industry, and I have no reservations in affirming her as the best in the business. Waste no time in getting in touch with her for all your wedding requirements. With her extensive network of contacts, she will seamlessly oversee your wedding journey from inception to completion. And while you're exploring her website, don't miss the opportunity to savor my own wedding video. 

Lashan & Cornelius


Honestly, this post is so overdue... My lovely wife and I had the opportunity to have our wedding pics done by them. Let me tell you, not only were they our photographers, but they became our friends. It was destined for us to have the privilege to work with them, professional people of integrity but most of all honest and looks to give you what you want. Ellery and Sharon, the pleasure was all ours, thanks. And by the way, if you want a GREAT photographer who will give you the best, they must trust me. They are the ones to call again. Thanks, we are forever grateful for your help and couldn't have asked for better people to work with.

Ollie  & Terrance


When my now-husband and I decided to elope, we did not realize how much planning and detail an elopement would require.  As busy working adults, we knew that we would need help planning our special event, especially around the holidays.  Not knowing a lot about Nashville, we were mainly interested in staying in a specific hotel, the Opryland Resorts, for our honeymoon.  We were unsure how to go about planning our wedding.  Still, we knew we could rely on Sharon Edwards with L & S Weddings and Occasion  Designers and  Ellery Edwards (LASEWOD PHOTOGRAPHY) to arrange everything and capture this special event.  Sharon and Ellery listened to our ideas and pitched ideas of their own.  Before we knew it, Sharon called us with all the details from the wedding venue, photo time, and reception dinner reservations. 

On our wedding day, we flew to Nashville and checked into our hotel.  Almost immediately upon our arrival, Sharon and Ellery were there to assist with anything to ensure we were ready.  Things ran smoothly on a tight schedule while capturing special moments with our small bridal party.  Then, we headed out to the Belmont Mansion located on the beautiful campus of Belmont University to get married; everything timed perfectly.  The small ceremony was beautiful.  Finally, we arrived back at the Opryland Resort in plenty of time for more Christmas wedding photos before our reception dinner was held at the Hickory Steak House inside Opryland Resorts.  Sharon took care of all the details; she surprised us with beautiful champagne flutes and cake-cutting and serving utensils for our reception pictures. 

While there were a few minor mishaps on the restaurant and bakery side of the reception, Sharon relentlessly worked to see we were thoroughly and overly compensated.  Once we were home, we received our photos from Ellery and were just blown away at the moments he captured.  We received picture-perfect wedding photos and those candid and intensely emotional moments.  Placing our wedding in the hands of L & S Elegant Weddings and Occasion Designers and LASEWOD  Photography for all of our wedding needs was the best thing we could have ever done.  While we set out for a small elopement, Sharon and Ellery treated our wedding like a million-dollar event!

Rebecca & Carson


Best Wedding Planner Imaginable

I have now enjoyed using L & S Elegant Weddings and Occasion Designers & LASEWOD Photography twice as a bride's father and recently as the groom myself.  Once you sit down with Sharon Edwards with your Dream and budget, what comes next is unbelievable.  Your Dream becomes her Dream, and she goes to work at once with her preparations.  As the father of the bride and the groom, all you must do is stay out of the way and be ready to answer any questions should they come about.  Sharon takes control of all that needs to be done, from the venue, food, flowers, places to stay for your guest, suggestions for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the reception.  There is no stress on you or the bride, but showing up on your big day ready to follow her instructions will make your dream or fairy tale come to life. 

Ellery of LASEWOD Photography will be there, ready to take the photo shoots you had asked to take during your big day.  Sharon takes control of your Wedding Day, and your Dream begins.  IT WAS SIMPLY BREATHTAKING when I saw my daughter's and my wedding.  My bride was amazed at what she saw when she entered the doors and saw her Dream come to life right before her eyes.  She loved it thanks to L & S Elegant Weddings, Occasion Designers & LASEWOD Photography.  Six months after our big day, we are reminded by those who attended how beautiful it was.  As for my wife and me, we will never forget our big day.  It was Perfect.  Thank you, Ellery and Sharon Edwards of  L & S Elegant Weddings and Occasion Designers & LASEWOD Photography, for making our Dream come true.

Carolyn & Dan

IMG_5277 (1).JPG

​Why did we choose L & S Elegant Wedding Planner and LASEWOD Photography?  Sharon and I have been friends for many years! Over the years, I have seen her beautiful work, so when it was time for us to get married, there wasn’t anyone that came close to the high-quality work, people person that she is, and she was very affordable! In addition, Sharon and Ellery are organized, creative, good communicators, budget-savvy, and very skilled at potential problems, and they solve them beforehand. 

They were entertaining, which eased my nerves with laughter, joking, and the great sense of humor they shared. In addition, they have superb interpersonal skills and were on time! This attribute was so essential for us.  My husband and I were super happy with everything! Sharon and Ellery are a husband-and-wife team with the experience you need for ANY occasion you may be having!

We are happy clients!

Doris & Eric

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